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Membership Benefits

The following benefits are provided to the members of the St. Maries Chamber of Commerce.

Distribution of Information:
the St. Maries Chamber of Commerce responds to inquiries from around the world regarding vacationing, relocating, or just general information. For each request the Chamber sends out a packet containing the St. Maries brochures, a business directory, a local newspaper, and any other information such as maps, accommodations, etc. that people have expressed an interest in. The Chamber of Commerce also acts as the "front door" to St. Maries by greeting visitors to the area and answering any questions they may have.

Name Recognition:
the "Chamber of Commerce" is a nationally and internationally familiar entity. The St. Maries Chamber of Commerce offers immediate recognition as an organization that promotes and enhances the business climate of this community.

Gift Certificates:
the Chamber's gift certificate program promotes "shopping at home". These gift certificates are available for anyone and can be spent at any participating business in St. Maries. This program offers your business the opportunity to promote "keeping dollars at home".

Community Projects:
the Chamber of Commerce is involved with many local charities and community volunteer organizations in an ongoing effort to make St. Maries an inviting environment for visitors and for the people who live here. The Chamber is involved in the annual "Clean-Up St. Maries" day, the Hughes House Historical Society, Timber Plus/Greater St. Joe Development Foundation, and many other volunteer organizations.

the St. Maries Chamber of Commerce enhances the business community by working with Timber Plus/Greater St. Joe Development Foundation (economic development entity) to promote the business community. Also, a past present of the Chamber of Commerce represents Benewah County on the North Idaho Chamber of Commerce board. This group promotes and seeks improvements for St. Maries and it's surrounding areas. Resolutions originating with local Chambers are made in the interest of private enterprise and the citizens of North Idaho. A Chamber board member also represents Benewah County on the North Idaho Tourism Alliance board. A grant made possible through this organization has made it possible for the Chamber to print a new recreation map for St. Maries and the surrounding areas.

These are just a few of the benefits of becoming a member of the St. Maries Chamber of Commerce.
Please join us in our efforts to strengthen the St. Maries business community.

Small; (1 to 2 Individuals or non-profit $175
Medium;(3 to 10 Individuals) $225
Large; (Banks, Utilities, Major Employers) $350
*Additional businesses with the same owner will only pay the $40 if another business has already paid its dues in full.