A number of small lakes, streams and rivers surround St. Maries, provides a variety of fish, assuring fisherman their quotas of bass, trout, kokanee, salmon, northern pike and perch. Dawn to dusk are prime times to fish from spring to fall. Where to fish is a tough choice.

Take a scenic drive above St. Joe City “The Joe” becomes shallower, faster and the water is clear. Here you can catch Dolly Vardins, rainbow, cutthroat and other species of trout. The upper St. Joe River above or below Avery is where the best fly-fishing is found.

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St. Maries, located on the St. Joe River, offers some of the finest outdoor recreation opportunities available anywhere. The St. Joe River Valley has a well-deserved reputation as being one of the finest elk hunting areas in the United States.

The St. Joe National Forest, which supports the third largest elk herd in North America, is popular with big game hunters. For that reason, hunters from throughout the nation travel to St. Maries every year to take advantage of this area’s large and growing elk herd.

Besides being one of the nation’s premier elk-hunting areas, the St. Maries area also offers deer, bear and moose hunting. Duck, turkey, pheasant, grouse and geese abound for the bird hunter.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game can provide more details on hunting seasons and regulations.


Locals claim the St. Joe River may have the best cutthroat trout fly fishing in the U.S. The St. Joe is a beautiful freestone river that originates at St. Joe Lake high on the western slope of the Bitterroot Range along the Montana – Idaho border. More than 50 miles of the upper river glide through lush northwestern forest and are managed as catch-and- release water. Only flies and artificial lures with single barbless hooks are allowed.

Of the 50-plus miles of catch-and-release water, the lower 33 miles, from the mouth of Prospector Creek upstream to the Spruce Tree Campground, are paralleled by road. From Spruce Tree upstream, the river is roadless, but paralleled by a hiking trail for about 17 miles. On summer weekends anglers hit the roadside water in considerable numbers. If you want to enjoy excellent cutthroat fishing in solitude, backpack into the roadless area. Most of the lakes along the St. Joe and Coeur d’Alene Rivers offer a mix of bass, pike and panfish.

Seasonal fishing events stack up faster than the logs behind the mill booms along the St. Joe River. Third week in April: Pike fishing derby – restricted to chain lakes between Rose Lake and Harrison. Boaters and shore anglers compete on an equal level. Memorial Day: Annual fisherman’s breakfast, same morning as opening date of trout season. Mid May: Squawfish derby – prizes for biggest fish, most caught, junior and senior citizen divisions. Registration fee required. Must fish within the St. Joe, St. Maries Rivers and Coeur d’Alene drainage to Post Falls Dam to qualify.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game can provide details on fishing seasons and regulations. Compulsive fisherman can find guides and information on the St. Joe River and other hot spots to cast your line at our local sporting goods stores and tackle shops.